New Date! UVA & PVCC Students: Welcome Back Party! Food! Games! Meet Everyone!

Event details

  • September 23, 2018
  • 12:30 pm
  • Washington Park, Lower Level
  • Maiya (804) 872-0500, Oliver (434) 242-5021

12:30 at Washington Park! Students, Friends, Community members! Everyone welcome! It’s a potluck, so bring whatever you’d like to eat! OR! Just show up and enjoy the abundance brought by others! Call Maiya or Oliver for more info! See you there! Bring your friends, frisbees, balls, hacky sack (you post-millennials still do hacky sack, right? wink wink.) Exclamation points are free!!!

UVA Students can take the Outer Loop bus, get off at at the Madison and Preston stop and walk down to the park.  Anyone driving can use the large parking lot.  The picnic pavilion is across the playing field from the parking lot and bus stop.