We have several Community Groups located in different neighborhoods in the city. The idea behind these is that smaller groups of people are able to connect and ‘do life’ much more easily than in larger gatherings.

Living in a city like Charlottesville, where there are people from all over the earth and in all walks of life, it’s funny that it can still be a struggle to find solid friendships that have real meaning.

In our community, we think that ‘unity’ is more than just a nice-sounding phrase. Living in a real community where people care about each other is part of God’s purpose for us here on Earth.

No matter whether you’re a student, young adult, middle aged, or ‘experienced’, there is a place in our community for you.

What do these Community Groups look like?

Our city has been divided into two neighborhoods, Northside C-ville and Southside C-ville. Each has at least one ‘study circle’ where 4-8 people get together to build real friendships and ‘do life’ together while learning more about God’s plans for our lives as individuals and as a community.

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